Turkey Dental Solutions is a cooperation/Organization that provides dental treatment services to many patients from different countries of the world, aims to offer the best treatment at affordable prices, and has clinics supervised by the Ministry of Health of Turkey.

Since one of the most important points in health care is to determine the right clinic for treatment, the views and satisfaction of our past patients after their completed treatment brings Turkey Dental Solutions to the forefront.

Turkey Dental Solutions clinics licensed by independent organizations are full-service dental facilities approved, authorized, and regularly inspected by the Turkish Ministry of Health.

Turkey Dental Solutions closely follows the emerging technologies and treatment methods in the world and aims to continuously apply these developments to its clinics.

Our teams in our clinics consist of cosmetic dentists and surgeons who specialize in many areas such as smile makeover and Implantology(Surgical extracts, Dental Implants, Sinus Lifting, and Bone Grafting). Besides, every health worker in our team is a member of the Turkish Dental Association… Our dental technicians are specialized and carefully trained in smile makeover treatments to ensure the best results and aesthetic complexion. As a result, you can be sure your treatment will be carried out by a fully qualified and registered dental professional. The wide-ranging guarantee is one of the most important points that a dental clinic should offer in medical tourism. As TDS, we serve every patient from this point of view. For instance, our dental implants are originally certified by the manufacturer and are guaranteed for life.

In cosmetic dentistry, as important as the physician’s expertise and talent is, the craftmanship of dental technicians responsible for the production of veneer and crowns in laboratories equipped with the latest technology is just as important. In addition to our expertise and technology applications, the materials used during treatment are A+ grade but belong to widely used worldwide brands originating in the United States, Switzerland, and Germany.

Many of our patients who prefer Turkey and Turkey Dental Solutions for treatment services from different countries of Europe and the world prefer us, especially on the advice of our patients who have previously been treated.

Turkey Dental Solutions guides many patients from different countries of the world to determine the right treatment and clinic, discover the natural beauties found in Turkey and plan a great holiday. You’re free to make your plan. Just tell us when you want to be treated!

Turkey is an indispensable option for holidays with its wonderful natural beauties and sunny summer days. At the same time, offering these options at affordable prices according to world standards makes Turkey an important center of attraction to benefit from the holiday and dental treatment services. You should also visit Turkey, which has a history of embracing world-famous fascinating beaches and ancient civilizations!

To fully meet the expectations and needs of our patients, we share details about treatment with our patients. The stages and times of treatment, the method applied and the materials selected, as well as all the steps that create costs, are transparently transferred to our patients.  Turkey Dental Solutions ‘ management principles determine the cost of treatment for our patients while treatment has not yet begun; we guarantee our patients against surprise additional costs.

Turkey Dental Solutions, which brings together quality dental treatment services at affordable prices, is a reliable organization that carries out a relevant and transparent price policy against its patients and also explains the treatments in detail. (corporation) Turkey Dental Solutions, which provides a quality dental service with its experienced and expert physicians as well as its high-tech clinics, invites you to Turkey, which is famous for its unique beauties.