All on Four implant technique is a modern and technological procedure that allows you to fix a dental prosthesis on 4 dental implants placed on the same day in patients without complete teeth. Unlike standard implant techniques, the placement of implants at different angles and the choice of superstructure appropriate to these angle differences eliminate the expected 3-6 month recovery time without teeth until the prosthesis is made in classic implant systems. All on Four implant technique is planned and safely applied to the patient after clinical and radiological examinations of the patient, making the necessary measurements with the help of Computed Tomography. All on Four implant system is an ideal method for patients with bone loss in the back tooth areas to use fixed teeth. On the day of the implants, a fixed temporary dental prosthesis is applied to the patient, and the implants are left to heal with these temporary teeth. After healing is achieved, the patient’s permanent aesthetic teeth are applied.

What is All on Four Implant?

All on four implant
All on four implant

The all on four technique was first tested in 1998 and has since been safely used in hundreds of thousands of patients with total tooth loss. First, prices for dental implant treatment for Toothless patients were very high. Second, for dentists who will perform the application, finding a bone in the appropriate conditions in which the implant will settle often turned into a difficult task. All these problems have been fixed with the all on four technique. Adequate bone for implant thickness, without having missing teeth in the jawbone that can be applied to all patients seen and the majority melting or so, four on 4 implant technique offers the possibility of a fixed prosthesis made with a single surgery. After the all On Four technique, which must be planned individually, it is possible to get rid of speech disorders, chewing problems and aesthetic concerns due to tooth loss. 4 implant applications, which allow you to get functional teeth within 1 day, increase the comfort of life of many patients.

How is all on Four Implant performed?

Comprehensive examinations and scans of patients should be performed prior to the all On Four technique. All on Four techniques, which must be planned individually so that patients do not encounter chewing and speech disorders, consist of surgical and dental prosthesis procedures. A total of 4 implants are placed in the front and back parts of the jaw within the same day. After the procedure performed under local anesthesia, a temporary prosthesis is inserted into the patient. About 2-3 months after the procedure, temporary dentures are replaced with fixed dentures. Thanks to implants placed and bridged at special angles in the all On Four technique, patients never go toothless before they get their permanent teeth. 4 implants are inserted into the jawbones with local anesthesia or general anesthesia in patients who have passed the fitness test. Approximately, depending on the attention of the patient and the discipline of using his medications, permanent prosthetic teeth are inserted after 3 months.

Clinical and radiological examinations should be performed first for patients who are scheduled for treatment. 3-dimensional measurements are made on computed tomography and a suitable planning is made for the patient. The All on Four Implant consists of 2 parts. Surgery and dental prosthesis. After 4 dental implants are inserted into the patient on the day of treatment, the temporary dental prosthesis is attached to these implants on the same day, the patient begins to use this prosthesis from the first day. After about 10-12 weeks, permanent prostheses are made to the patient.

All on Four Implant Prices in Turkey

All on four treatment, instead of making an implant for each tooth deficiency, ensures that all teeth are screwed on the four artificial teeth roots that are applied. In this way, it provides an aesthetic and comfortable chewing solution for patients who do not have enough jawbone. All on Four Implant Prices in Turkey may vary depending on the quality of the material used and the patient’s oral structure. The procedure is usually suitable for patients who do not have sufficient support for the application of traditional methods, and provides exceptional stability and confidence. Oral health practices of a person who has lost all his teeth are often a topic of discussion. But if for social reasons you can’t stay toothless for even a day and you’re sure you can provide good oral hygiene, the all on 4 technique is for you!

All on Four Implant FAQ

We get a lot of questions about all on four Implant treatment. We have answered some of these questions below:

  • How should all on four Implant care be?

Those who have done all on four usually feel decay, swelling and general discomfort in the days after surgery. You’ll probably want to take a few days off work to fully recover and get used to your new teeth. Your dentist will advise you on the foods you can and cannot eat in the months after treatment. In order for the screws that fuse with the bone for the first few months to not be damaged during the healing phase, you will probably have to eat very soft foods. Your dentist may also be advised to avoid smoking and heavy exercise for a while.

  • Is there any pain after all on four?

After all on four implant treatment, pain is likely to be felt. In addition to pain, the patient may have swelling problems. But it is not a situation to worry about. After surgery, the dentist gives some medications because he predicts that the patient will have pain and swelling. If the patient regularly uses these drugs, they do not have any problems after the operation.

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