You can have dental implant treatment in every country of the world. Although each country has different procedures and prices, the transaction performed is almost the same. Only material quality, doctor’s skill and prices will be different. In this article, we will touch on details about Dental Implants in Turkey. We have prepared a content that can be a guide for patients who want to be treated with dental implants in Turkey. We will tell you how the treatment is done, its prices and frequently asked questions about this treatment. And you will better understand why Turkey is so preferred in dental implant treatment.

What is Dental Implant in Turkey?

Dental Implants are artificial dental roots made of various biologically compatible materials. Implants can be applied immediately after tooth extraction, as well as can be applied to tooth cavities that have been removed long ago. It is a type of dental treatment that is considered one of the most preferred and successful treatments in the treatment methods of lost teeth and is recommended to patients. Restore all functionality in cases of dysfunction, irreparable image impairment and tooth loss. Dental implant treatment in Turkey is a very common treatment method. The fact that this treatment is performed professionally and cheaply in Turkey is often preferred, especially by foreign patients.

Implant teeth are mostly applied to patients with tooth deficiency and patients using mobile dentures, giving them a comfortable use. Dental implants are used to complete missing teeth, whether one tooth is missing or all the patient’s teeth are missing. Jawbone is very important in Implant applications.  As long as the patient’s overall health is good, there is no upper age limit that will prevent implant application, but it may not be preferred to be applied children patients.

How is Dental Implant performed?

Dental implant in Turkey
Dental implant in Turkey

Correct diagnosis, selection of the implant of the appropriate size and shape, and surgical technique are very important in the success of the Dental implant. Correct diagnosis and appropriate implant selection should be made by examining the patient’s 3-D jaw images. At the same time, the clinical examination performed by the surgeon is also very important. After choosing the appropriate implant and the appropriate technique, the surgical procedure can be switched. Implant surgery begins in a clinical setting, with local anesthesia. In addition to local anesthesia, sedation can be performed in cases where multiple procedures are performed simultaneously, in patients concerned about surgery, or at times preferred by the surgeon. Sedation; patients accompanied by an anesthesiologist, with a drug given to the vein to go into a state of sleep and do not hear and then remember the procedures performed. After anesthesia, a small guide hole is opened in the jawbone by opening the gum in the area where the implant will be made. The guide hole is then slowly expanded to match the shape in which the implant will be placed. By gradually expanding the hole in the jawbone, the traumatic effect on the bone is also reduced. The implant is then screwed into the cavity that opens in the jawbone. Implant guides prepared with 3-D modeling are used in multi-implant surgery or in cases where the surgeon prefers. These guides ensure that implants are placed in place without errors and in a short time. Dental implant treatment in Turkey is generally applied in the same way in all clinics, but the difference in quality and price stands out.

Dental Implants prices in Turkey

For simple dental treatments, clinics can give patients a net price. But there is no standard price policy for implant treatment. Many different brands of implants are used. According to this situation, Dental Implants prices in Turkey vary. The most important role in developing health tourism in Turkey, labor costs are cheaper. That’s why health services in Turkey is very cheap. Dental implant prices are also more ideal and budget friendly than Europe.

Dental Implant FAQ’s

Now do you understand why Dental Implants in Turkey is preferred? If you still cannot find the answers to your questions below, you can write to us.

  • How long is the Dental Implant life?

Dental implants can last up to 30 years. A longer period of use is possible if the implants are well cared for. Smoking, alcohol use, or the use of acidic drinks have a significant impact on the life of implants. It has a significant effect on implants or screwed teeth in oral hygiene. In cases where oral hygiene is poor, there is a possibility that the implant will be lost. For this reason, it is very important that patients who have implants pay attention to their oral health.

  • Who is suitable for Dental Implants?

Individuals aged 18 and over who have completed bone development can undergo implant dental treatment. Before the operation, the condition of the jaw structure suitable for the implant is learned by taking an X-ray. Diabetics should stop using the drug before starting treatment, while those who take blood thinners should get the disease in order.

  • What are the advantages of Dental Implants?

While missing teeth are compensated, neighboring teeth that are intact do not need to be cut, they look and feel like real teeth, provide a complete chewing function, total dentures, also known as dentures, and playing dentures, are fixed in place with the implant, improving the quality of life of prosthetic users, and also provide support for implants, crowns and bridges.

  • Is Dental Implant treatment a painful procedure?

Implant operation is a painless procedure performed under local anesthesia. However, thanks to the new implants, there is nothing to be afraid of, as your implants are now inserted without cutting the gums, without scalpels, without bleeding and without stitches.

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