What is the downside of dental implants?

As you know, teeth are the most sensitive part of our body. Although it is very painful in case of a possible bruise, fracture or inflammation, it is quite easy to treat. Dental implant, which is applied for teeth that cannot be treated with medication, is a surgical application made into the jawbone. In this sense, Dental Implants in Turkey are made with the most advanced treatment methods and the best implant materials are used. We know that dental implant treatment is very expensive worldwide. Dental implant treatment in Turkey is done at very affordable prices and gives very successful results. This is, of course, the reason of choice for patients. One of the methods of completing the missing tooth when we lose a tooth is implant treatment. An Implant is a screw made of titanium that is surgically inserted into the jawbone in areas with a lack of teeth and replaces the root of the tooth. After biologically boiling the bone, a porcelain dental prosthesis is made on it. It is the closest form of prosthesis to nature as an image and chewing sensation.

Briefly, dental implant; It is an artificial tooth root made to replace the missing teeth in our mouth. It is usually made with material prepared from titanium or its compounds. It is used because it never harms the human body and is compatible. It does not penetrate body tissue and is very resistant to external factors. In patients with missing teeth, the existing missing teeth are replaced and filled. If there is no inflammation in your extracted tooth, dental implants can also be made in this case. It is a treatment for restoring the function of teeth and, of course, for aesthetic purposes. Thanks to developing technological devices and materials, it can now be done in a much more practical way. These rapid innovations have made dental implant treatment one of the most popular treatment methods in dental health. Dental implanted teeth allow you to chew better and eat whatever you want. You will look aesthetically better, which results in increased self-confidence. The biggest advantage is that it helps you eat healthy. Because people who have healthy teeth, eat healthier.

How is Dental Implant performed?

What is the average cost for dental implant?

If you want to get successful results with a good implant treatment, you need to wait a few months for this treatment. Because this treatment is a progressive treatment and is completed with several sessions. At the first stage, planning is done on how your treatment will be, and a titanium rod is placed in it, making an incision in your gum. This titanium rod, which replaces the natural tooth root, is the most important step of treatment. In order to protect this part, a temporary tooth replacement is performed to ensure that this part stays in this way for a while. Treatment is done by sedation or local anesthesia. It is important that the incision is made in the appropriate form. Otherwise, a second incision may be required. This hole in the jawbone is gradually expanded and made suitable for the implant. A few months of waiting time, which we are talking about, is only for temporary implants. Under Normal circumstances, you can continue your social life the next day. Dental implant treatment is a very practical and easy procedure if performed by a successful dentist.


There are 3 important golden rules of treatment: using quality implant material, performing it by an experienced dentist, and taking care of dental care after treatment. If you are treated according

to these 3 rules, you can continue to use your dental implants smoothly for many years.


How painful is a dental implant?

Dental Implants prices in Turkey

In dental treatments, it is very difficult to give a price without a preliminary examination. Only the average price for the procedure can be given. This is also often different. Dental Implants prices in Turkey vary according to many factors. Because treatment fees are prohibited on the internet in Turkey, it is difficult to get information about treatment fees from the internet. In order to find out the net price, the dentist must examine you. If you live abroad, you can contact the dentist online and send a few photos showing your mouth structure and get an average price. If you are priced well below the market average, you should consider this. Because, unfortunately, there are too many clinics on the market that offer cheap and poor quality treatments. If you care about your dental health, you should choose the right option for you. Find out the dentist’s references and get detailed information about treatment. In this way, you can have healthy and aesthetic teeth.

Dental Implant FAQ’s

We get dozens of questions every day. We compiled for you a few of the most curious questions about dental implant treatment in Turkey and Dental Implants in Turkey. Let’s check it out!

  • Why should I choose Turkey for dental implant treatment?Can yellow teeth become white?

We can write down dozens of reasons for this. But let’s talk about the main reasons. There are experienced dentists in Turkey. All are licensed and specialized. The clinics are fully equipped. Treatment fees are very convenient. During treatment, you can find many activities that you can spend time with, and you can experience a pleasant period of treatment. Ideal for both holiday and treatment thinkers.

  • Are dental clinics in Turkey sufficient for dental implant treatment?

Dental implants

Absolutely! Dental clinics, all of which meet European standards, are the best in the world in this sense. Clinics that provide services with state-of-the-art dental devices, quality treatment materials and experienced medical teams are supervised by the Ministry of Health for certain periods.

  • Is dental implant treatment successful in Turkey?

In fact, to answer this question, you should look at the World dental Health Statistics. Turkey is among the top 3 countries in the world with its success in dental health. Every year, thousands of foreign patients who visit Turkey for dental implant treatment are an indicator of this.