Dental teeth lumineers

Due to its metal-free thin structure and aesthetic appearance, it is one of the Most Preferred Dental veneers. Dental Teeth Lumineers are an effective veneer variety sharpened by its protective properties. Because of their excellent light transmittance, they look like your natural teeth. If you are uncomfortable with the appearance of your teeth and want to have more impressive great teeth, you can fulfill your dreams with Dental Teeth Lumineers Turkey. In Turkey, this treatment method is applied in limited dental clinics. In this veneer technique, you can achieve the perfection you want without the need to reduce and file your teeth.

It is a veneer that can be easily applied to anyone who is not satisfied with the appearance of their teeth, regardless of age or gender. Anyone who has teeth sizes that are not equal to each other, is not satisfied with the color of the teeth, has tooth decay, or has more space between the teeth than usual, can make these tooth veneers for an aesthetic appearance.

What are Dental Teeth Lumineers?

What is the difference between Lumineers and veneers?

It is the most practical application process among dental veneers. Dental Teeth Lumineers, which is a very thin veneer type applied to the front teeth without using needles and without abrading the outer surface of the teeth, is a method that has spread all over the world after the United States. It is applied to broken, crooked and yellowed teeth. The processing time is short, easy and more practical than other veneers. Normally, while this veneer is made, the teeth are not abraded. But if few abrasion is required, it can be done. Lumineers veneers, which reveal the appearance of teeth in the best form, are a veneer that can be used for many years. It is a veneer that is adhered to the teeth with only a special material without any treatment on the teeth, compatible with natural teeth and strong enough to provide unity with them. All processes and applications that will damage your natural teeth also have damaging effects for Lumineers veneers. For example, trying to break your teeth and hard-shell nuts causes equal damage to both your original teeth and veneers.

Dental Teeth Lumineers application

At the first examination, the size of your teeth is taken and it is determined which teeth Dental teeth Lumineers will be applied. There are no difficult processes that happen with other veneer techniques. In the second examination, veneers are placed after the final checks are made. You will not feel pain during the process. It is completed quickly. This application, which is performed in an average of 3 weeks, should only be performed by specialist dentists. Dental Teeth Lumineers are very sensitive and thin, so you should not eat hard food and protect your teeth. If you want to remove these veneers later, you can easily remove them. With this application that adds aesthetics to your smile, you will have perfect teeth. Your glowing aesthetic teeth will increase your self-confidence and make you feel better.

What is the difference between Dental Teeth Lumineers and other veneers?

Lumineers veneer is a protective application that can be preferred by those who are uncomfortable with the appearance of their teeth and experience aesthetic anxiety. It has a natural appearance as your own tooth in terms of its thin structure and lack of metal. Dental Teeth Lumineers is also an ideal solution for people who are unhappy with the color of their teeth. It is often preferred

Can Lumineers cover missing teeth?

by patients and physicians as it has been proven to maintain its permanence for 20 years. Lumineers veneers are thinner than porcelain veneers. In porcelain veneer application, teeth are cut, Lumineers veneer is also not cut. Lumineers are thinner in structure than veneers. It is a good solution method for stained and damaged teeth. Anesthesia is not applied. The pain is not felt. Lumineers cannot be applied to people with overly perplexed teeth and a habit of grinding teeth. In addition, the patient’s oral structure should be appropriate and his teeth should not be too worn out.

Dental Teeth Lumineers Turkey

As a savior for those who are not satisfied with dental Aesthetics, The Lumineers veneer application is one of the best types of veneers. These veneers can be applied without eroding the tooth surface and are made without the use of needles. Lumineers veneers are a type of restoration that is ultra-thin and applied to the front surface of the teeth. With these veneers, you get both fast and effective results. Teeth that experience color loss and without volume gain aesthetics, and patients ‘ self-confidence increases. It is difficult to find a clinic that can successfully perform this

Are Lumineers permanent?

practice. Dental Teeth Lumineers Turkey is the most effective solution in this regard. There are many dental clinics in Turkey that can perform this practice. Before finding the best fit for you, we recommend that you consult with the dentist and get information about past references.

Dental Teeth Lumineers Prices in Turkey

Lumineers veneer prices are slightly more expensive than other veneers. The most obvious reason for this is that the veneers come from America. In other words, the patient’s dental measurements are taken and sent to the manufacturer in America and the veneers are sent from there. This process naturally reflects on the prices. You can get information from your dentist for the current Dental Teeth Lumineers Prices in Turkey.

Dental Teeth Lumineers FAQ’s

Below are a few questions and answers about Dental Teeth Lumineers:

  • How should the care after Lumineers Veneers be?

Veneers should be checked approximately every 6 months. Attention should also be paid to eating and drinking. After treatment, it is necessary to be sensitive not to consume foods that are especially too hot or too cold.

How long do Lumineers teeth last?

  • How Durable Is The Lumineers Veneer Application?

The durability of Lumineers veneers applications is planned to be longer lasting than conventional veneers. Although this period does not have a life span and it is necessary to conduct regular checks.