With the advancing technology and treatment methods, dental treatments are now made easier. The veneer method used in tooth deficiencies varies among themselves. Dental veneers in Turkey offers many different treatment options in this sense. These types of dental veneers are determined by the person’s preference and the decision of the dentist. After the preliminary examination, it is decided which type of veneer to apply. Of course, the price and functions of each veneer variety are different. Dental veneer procedure, which is made by taking a personalized mouth size, is the closest treatment method to durable and natural teeth. Currently, the most popular veneer variety is zirconium veneer and porcelain veneer.

What is Dental Veneer?

Dental veneers in Turkey
Dental veneers in Turkey

In short, Dental veneer is an excellent treatment method used for tooth deficiency. It is permanent and aesthetically very stylish. Porcelain veneers are made to the teeth in cases where there is an excessive amount of substance loss due to reasons such as caries, fractures or disorders of the enamel surfaces. After some etching on the teeth during the veneer, a metal infrastructure is prepared to be compatible with the teeth. The compatibility of this infrastructure with the teeth is checked and this metal infrastructure is covered with porcelain. This method of treatment has been successfully applied for many years. One of the most important reasons why zirconium is preferred in dental veneer applications is that it has very effective results from an aesthetic point of view. Zirconium tooth veneer can be applied to people with advanced discoloration who cannot get functional results with teeth whitening applications. In orthodontic treatment, zirconium tooth veneer is preferred due to its aesthetic results in discrete or less perplexed teeth, in cases of facing teeth, in case of deterioration of the structure of old fillings, in restoration studies of teeth with excessive loss of substance, during bridge or veneer of teeth in the back group and in prostheses over the implant in the front group. It is also among the most preferred methods in successful smile aesthetic studies. Dental Veneer in Turkey has many options that will give you a new and perfect smile.

How is Dental Veneer performed?

First, an intra-oral examination of the patient is performed. If there are small caries on the teeth that will be veneer, it is treated. Cleaning of dental Stones is very important in this method of treatment. Because veneers must adapt to the gum one-on-one. If there are bad factors such as gum withdrawal, disfigurement, they should be treated first. After the treatment is finished, the tooth is cut from 0.3 – 0.7 mm over the teeth and its measurements are taken and sent to the laboratory. In about a week, the Leaf porcelain is rehearsed. The patient examines the situations he likes and dislikes, and the bonding process is carried out according to the situation. Like other types of veneers, infrastructure rehearsals are not performed or there is no need for glazing. In this way, the patient becomes less tired and worn out. Dental veneer treatment can also be applied only for one tooth. Or can be used for all teeth. This condition depends entirely on the patient’s condition.

It gives due care to your oral health, but you may be uncomfortable with some situations. Although you do not disrupt your dental care, sometimes genetic, sometimes different factors may cause abrasions, caries and deformities in your teeth. In such cases, you seek treatment methods and seek a solution. The dental veneer method, which is one of the preferred methods to achieve a healthy and aesthetic appearance of the mouth, is a highly functional form of treatment. Dental veneer is defined as veneers that are aesthetically glued on them with strong dental adhesives after the necessary treatments on the teeth and give the person a natural result image. Dental veneer methods are as follows: porcelain laminated veneer, metal supported porcelain veneer, zirconium veneer, Crown veneer. The choice of the method in question is determined by your doctor’s examinations and the condition of your tooth.

Dental Veneer prices in Turkey

You can get clear information about Dental Veneer prices in Turkey only from the clinic. Because how many teeth will be applied and which material will affect prices. Each dental veneer price is different, and also its characteristics are different. Veneers used in dentistry since time immemorial are made by porcelain processing on metal infrastructure. The grayness of the metal under a 1-2mm thick porcelain reflects and an unnatural image emerges. In addition, it causes irritation of the gums as a result of metal contact with the gum in the Cole area of the veneer. A problem with the gums, a color change close to purple, and a non-aesthetic image may occur. Zirconium is a biocompatible tissue-friendly material. It does not cause irritation of the gums. Because zirconium is white in color, it provides a much more natural appearance. It is a material suitable for processing according to the anatomy and color of the tooth. It offers you an aesthetic, healthy and long-lasting treatment.

Dental Veneer FAQ’s

We receive many questions from you about dental treatments. Below you will find the answers to your questions about dental veneers in Turkey:

  • Is Dental veneer removed?

During dental construction, the choice of veneer teeth is made to have a better dental posture and a more beautiful smile. But as is known, each veneer has a certain period of use. If there are no different problems, it is possible to remove the veneers and install new veneers. For this reason, when it comes to the removal of the veneer tooth, the veneer tooth can be removed by applying a specific method.

  • How to clean Dental veneer?

Dental cleaning is very important at every stage. If you have your own teeth, whether you want to apply a veneer on it, cleaning your teeth is a process that should always be done.

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