Gum contouringOne of the most important parts of oral health is the gums. Because it is very sensitive, it can become a problem very easily. Inflammation, aesthetic problems and similar diseases that occur in the gums can be treated by a Periodontologists. Gum Contouring involves many operations used to treat the soft tissues surrounding the work and supporting bones. These operations are usually used in gum diseases where the response cannot be obtained from treatments performed in a smaller area. Thanks to gum contouring, a more regular, smooth and symmetrical appearance of the gum line can be achieved. With Gum Contouring Turkey, you can have perfect gums and add an aesthetic look to your face. This difficult procedure is a procedure performed to reshape the gum line. It covers the removal of excess gum tissue around the teeth. It is very effective in eliminating ailments such as gum growth, gum swelling.

What is Gum Contouring?How long does it take gums to heal after gum contouring?

If the gums do not have a proper shape, they may have an aesthetically unpleasant appearance. This creates problems in terms of both psychological and oral health in people.  Gum Contouring is one of the minor surgeries performed when The Shape of the gum is not uniform. In this procedure, performed under anesthesia, the doctor shapes the contour of the gums using a scalpel, laser, porcelain milling cutter or cautery device. This process is usually used to correct fibrous structures that develop after inflammatory conditions in the gums, tissues around the coating or implant, or gum folds that occur during orthodontic treatment. This process is quite an easy undertaking and we can use our teeth on the same day. After the procedure, we can continue our activities such as eating, talking and brushing.

How is Gum Contouring performed?

Is gum contouring expensive?A cleaning process is performed on the teeth before the Gum Contouring process is applied. After cleaning, the teeth are numbed with local anesthesia. After the teeth are numb, excess gums are removed by scalpel or laser method. After shaping the gum, putty that should remain for 5 days is placed. In order for the patient not to feel pain or pain during the operation, local anesthesia is applied to the gums. In some cases, gingivectomy and gingivoplasty are performed with a scalpel. Special tools such as Angular blades are used to surround the tooth. Other special instruments such as electro surgery, laser surgery are also used. The process of adding soft tissue involves removing a piece of soft tissue from the donor area and moving it to the recipient area. Soft tissue additions are added where the gum is pulled or of low quality. During Gum Contouring Surgery, the periodonologist uses a scalpel or other special tools to separate the tissue from the bone. This allows Periodontologists to reach the root of the tooth and the bone that supports the tooth. Then any inflamed tissue is eliminated. Etching is applied when excessive dental plaque or tartar is seen. After the procedure is completed, the gums are sewn back into place. If the stitches do not melt, they must be removed later. After the procedure, a periodontal sheath or package that will harden and protect the area by placing it on the gum is left in the treatment area for 14 days. This acts as a bandage that protects the soft tissue and makes the patient more comfortable. Patients are asked to opt for soft foods while avoiding spicy and hard foods.

Gum Contouring Turkey

For this operation, you should definitely consult a specialist periodonologist. With Gum Contouring Turkey, you can get rid of gum problems. Just set aside 1 day for this process. Every year, Do gums grow back after gum contouring?thousands of patients from abroad visit Turkey only for this operation. After the operation, you can have a great holiday by staying in Turkey for a few days.  This operation, also known as gummy smile, is treated in Turkey with a simple gum contouring operation. After the operation, the permanent aesthetic result on the gums left for healing is achieved in a very short time. It is also called pink aesthetics. It is the treatment used for the short length of the tooth, the gummy smile or the correction of asymmetric gum levels. In dental aesthetics, which includes many applications, the condition of the teeth and the needs of the person are evaluated together, the most appropriate method is determined by examining them in terms of dental health and aesthetics. Custom-made dental aesthetics practices positively affect the person in many ways from talking to laughing and give positive results. Gum contouring surgery is one of these applications.

Gum Contouring Prices in Turkey

There are personal differences in the pricing policy of this operation. The size, cause, region and density of gum problems play a role in determining Gum Contouring Prices in Turkey. As laser interventions are priced differently, the pricing policy will change in specific cases, such as installing porcelain veneers.

Is gum contouring painful?Gum Contouring FAQ’s

We know that many of you are afraid of this operation. But if it’s done by a specialist doctor, you don’t really have to be afraid. We have compiled a few of the Frequently Asked Questions about Gum Contouring for you:

  • What should be considered after Gum Contouring?

After surgery, there may be slight pain and swelling in the gums for up to 1 week, but there is no level of complaint to prevent activities such as talking, eating or drinking, but patients are advised not to consume foods that are too bitter, spicy, too hot or too cold. If you have a very sensitive structure, your dentist may recommend a painkiller. In addition, brushing and flossing movements should be done in a softer style.

  • Who is suitable for Gum Contouring surgery?

Patients with irregular gums and excessive covering of the gums are among the candidates for laser gum surgery. In addition, the amount of gum can be reduced and the teeth can be made more visible. In addition, it can be corrected with a laser on black spots caused by excessive accumulation of a coloring pigment called melanin in the gums.