Obviously this comprehensive method of treatment first began to be known to famous World stars. With Hollywood stars having the perfect smile with this treatment, it began to spread around the world. Hollywood Smile is a smile design in general and includes several different dental procedures. People who get a great smile with Hollywood Smile Turkey, return to their country happily. The Hollywood smile method, also known as smile design, is a type of smile that is developed inspired by the smiles of Hollywood stars and has some standards.

The main goal in dental aesthetics is to bring a person to a flawless appearance of teeth and gums. In this context, the appearance of symmetrical, healthy and white teeth, known as The Hollywood smile, was revealed. This process is carried out with the application of Smile Design. Hollywood dental aesthetics, collectively categorized under the name smile design, gives both women and men impressive smiles. Smile Design, in which both dentists and aestheticians and orthodontists work together, is the secret of white, symmetrical and healthy Smiles.

The Hollywood smile has some distinctive features. For example, its most distinctive feature is the fact that it has a deep laughing line. When a person with this smile laughs, all his teeth appear, up to his upper molars. The patient’s lower lip is in good harmony with the imaginary line passing through the cutting edges of the upper teeth. The corners of the mouth should be positioned upwards based on the midpoint of the upper lip. During the smile, the patient’s upper gums become maximum 2 mm with registration. It should look up.

What is Hollywood Smile?

Hollywood Smile
Hollywood Smile

Hollywood smile is a smile design suitable for the facial features and mouth structure of a person to make the teeth and gums that deteriorate their aesthetic appearance look more beautiful. Beautiful smile aesthetics is a preferred practice in oral care for many reasons. Currently, the most distorted tooth smile designs are made. It is preferred by many people to correct the distorted structure of teeth and smile more beautiful. Designs are mostly made from models such as attractive aesthetic smile, sporty smile, Hollywood smile and intellectual smile. In this smile, called The Hollywood smile, the upper teeth should look smooth and the incisors should be more prominent and front. The lower incisors should appear when laughing, and the first molars should also appear during laughing. The lips should be seen symmetrically and close the gums.

The teeth are expected to accompany the smile as white and healthy. When designing the Hollywood smile, the patient’s face, nose, lip, jaw, teeth and gingival structure are taken into consideration. Design is realized for both smile and maximum smile. Designs that promise more energetic, aesthetic and Healthy Smiles aim to create the ideal smile that best suits face shape, skin color, and gender. For some patients, a few procedures are enough, while for others, the ideal smile is achieved at the end of a longer process.

How is Hollywood Smile performed?

There are several medical procedures performed to have a Hollywood smile. The most commonly used of these are teeth whitening, implant treatment and porcelain venereal treatment. Thanks to these treatment systems, smile aesthetics can be completed and unhealthy teeth can be used in a healthy state. A follow-up application should be performed by a dentist every six months by people who have a smile aesthetic or feel their teeth are healthy. Because most of the time, tooth decay manifests itself when the process of teeth that cannot be saved comes.

A tooth that begins to ache is sometimes turned back by treatment systems such as filling, root canal treatment, while some teeth that begin to ache are unfortunately lost so that the pain can be completely relieved. Recently, the most preferred treatment method instead of lost teeth is implant treatment. After the procedures performed with this method of treatment, the person can use their teeth as their main tooth.

After the doctor’s examination, the Hollywood Smile plan determined in the absence of orthodontic and surgical dental treatments begins to be applied to the patient. If orthodontic or surgical dental treatment is necessary during the examination by the doctor concerned, the doctor first recommends these treatments. If the doctor detects joint disorders in the treatment of Smile Design, this treatment is provided first.

Because genetic-induced joint disorders can disrupt the aesthetics of laughter, these disorders should be treated primarily before the design of laughter. For example, if jaw development has declined or increased in the vertical direction, expression disorders may also occur. Some disorders can be corrected in a short time with orthopedic treatment applied by a doctor, while some disorders in the jaw should definitely be performed with a surgical procedure. After all the procedures are completed, happy smiles are waiting for you.

Hollywood Smile Prices in Turkey

It is very difficult to give a net price in aesthetic operations. The reason is that the procedures applied to patients may differ in order to achieve an aesthetic and beautiful smile. Hollywood Smile Prices in Turkey vary according to the content of the treatment. For example, the budget that a patient who needs implant treatment and a patient who does not have implant treatment will have to allocate will be different.

At the same time, it is worth noting that different elements, such as the experience of the dentist, the materials used during the procedure, also affect prices. For this reason, it would be much more accurate to make an appointment and be examined first, and then to request Price Information.

Hollywood Smile FAQ

The most accurate treatment method for having a perfect smile, which is everyone’s dream, is Hollywood Smile treatment. We have compiled what you are interested in about this treatment:

  • How Long Does Hollywood Smile Take?

It can vary from 3 to 30 days depending on the person’s condition. The duration of treatment depends entirely on the structure of the mouth and teeth.

  • Is Hollywood Smile treatment painful?

Hollywood Smile is treated according to the needs of the person. Although some of the treatments applied are painless, some treatments are painful.

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