How painful is a root canal?

Although it is a nightmare treatment method for people who are afraid of dental treatments, you will understand after reading this article that it is not a treatment method to be afraid of at all. Root Canal Treatment is one of the most effective dental treatments. Root canal treatment is a method used to treat an inflamed tooth pulp that is now very difficult to use. If you need root canal treatment, you are now too late to extend tooth life. Root Canal Treatment Turkey is carried out with easy, simple and practical methods without causing the patient any pain.

What is Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment is the removal of tissue in the center of the tooth. When the damaged or inflamed pulp is removed, the remaining cavity is cleaned, shaped and refilled. This process closes the root canal. In the root canal treatment performed with today’s dental technology, even the teeth that will be lost can be recovered. The most common condition that occurs as an indication of canal treatment is patients who come to the clinic complaining of severe tooth pain. The cause of this severe pain is mostly that a caries that is not treated in time approaches the pulp and micro-organisms irreversibly destroy the pulp. The solution is to clean the pulp, sterilize and expand the channels in which it is located, and fill it with a special antiseptic duct pat.

How is Root Canal Treatment performed?

How long does a root canal take?

The stages of this treatment method are usually standard. If surgery is not required, Root Canal Treatment is performed as follows:

After the condition of the tooth is determined by your dentist and root canal treatment is recommended, treatment is started by an endodontist and treatment is treated in one or more sessions depending on the status of the tooth and of course mouth stracture. First, the treatment will be drugged to ensure that you do not feel pain, and then if there is a caries, it will be cleaned and opened from the part of the tooth crown to reach the area where the nerves of the tooth are. The length of the channel is determined by taking an X-ray. Pulp tissue is removed and cleaned and root canals are shaped by using various hand tools. Disinfection of root canals, that is, cleaning of bacteria, is provided, and the canals are filled with a material that is compatible with the surrounding tissues. Treatment can last between 1-3 sessions depending on the condition of the tooth. Especially in cases where the tooth is not alive and there is inflammation at the tip of the root, drugs can be placed in the root canals to destroy bacteria. In order for this drug to act, it is necessary to stay inside the channels for at least 5-7 days. During this time, the tooth is closed with a temporary filler. In cases of excessive inflammation, the dentist may also recommend oral medication. After treatment, there may be complaints of mild pain and tenderness in the tooth, but this condition is temporary. In this case, the best solution is not to use the side of this tooth for a few days. After a short time, the sensitivity will appear to disappear.

Root Canal Treatment Turkey

What are the steps for root canal treatment?

Of course, we will not recommend that you go to Turkey for a simple root canal treatment. This can be a bit costly and exhausting for you. But we want to tell you about the Root Canal Treatment Turkey process. If you visit Turkey for any reason, maybe you want to be there for this treatment. No matter which city you go to in Turkey, you will see that fully equipped dental clinics serve. In any clinic, you can easily get root canal treatment. Root Canal Treatment prices are very economical compared to other countries. You can be treated quickly, painlessly and practically in Turkey. For this, you just need to make an appointment and make your treatment schedule. By the way, it would be nice to have a short holiday in Turkey, wouldn’t it?

Root Canal Treatment Prices in Turkey

The cost of root canal treatment in Turkey varies depending on the number of roots of the tooth, the state of infection, and whether you have previously had root canal treatment. The fees for this treatment vary depending on the quality of the material to be used, the physician’s expertise, and many factors such as the equipment of the clinics.

Root Canal Treatment FAQ’s

Why do root canals take 2 visits?

We have compiled what you wonder about Root Canal Treatment as a question and answer:

  • How many sessions is root canal treatment completed?

This depends on the number of channels inside the tooth, rather than the tooth, and how infected it is. Root canal treatment is usually completed in one to three sessions. Since most root canal treatments also require crowns to be installed, one or two more sessions may be required to install crowns. If the Crown does not need to be installed, it can be completed in one or two sessions.

  • What happens if root canal treatment is not performed?

In cases where root canal treatment is required but not performed; severe tooth pain is the most common complication. After a while, the pain can be stopped when the pulp loses its vitality. But in this case, the infection can progress insidiously and jump to the jawbone. Undesirable conditions can be encountered, resulting in the loss of both the problem tooth and neighboring teeth.

Is it better to pull a tooth or get a root canal?

  • How long is the life of the tooth treated?

Root canal treatment is a treatment that is performed to prevent tooth extraction and gives the tooth its last chance. But teeth treated with a canal can be more fragile than natural teeth. In this case, instead of large-scale fillings in the superstructure, Onlay fillings, partial crowns or full crowns should be preferred.

  • Is root canal treatment a painful treatment?

Root canal treatment is not a painful treatment. Thanks to the local anesthetics used, the treatment of our patients is terminated painlessly and comfortably.