The products used in the treatments belong to the brands with important R & D studies and budgets in Europe and the world made of high-quality material. Mainly used products from the USA, Switzerland, and Germany, these products are widely applied all over the world.

Guaranteed and Certified Products

Implants and dental coatings, which are often applied in treatments, are products that our doctors have applied for a long time under our experience and are also satisfied as physicians, but our products applied in your treatment are mostly guaranteed and certified for life. Certificates should be considered as a report card that can be understood by every doctor from all over the world, as well as a document that proves the authenticity of the product.

Techno craftsmanship

In dental treatment services, the more important the application of quality materials, the more important it is that this quality meets expertise. The craftsmanship of the technicians in shaping the coatings significantly affects the Smile Design. In the application of coatings and implants, our expert and experienced physician staff are waiting for your visit to serve you.

Clear Explanation Of Treatment

Planning of the treatments you request is carried out by our expert staff until their fine details. We would like to note that we explain the treatment steps and processes in these planning to our patients with clarity and are transparent about the details.

Transparent price policy

Besides, all cost-effective products and operations are transparently shared with our patients while explaining the treatment steps to our patients in detail. According to our corporate price policy, it is our principle to serve each patient with the same treatment costs. If you share the necessary information with us, we can do a treatment planning study and a treatment pricing study that will not reflect additional costs that surprise you.

Affordable Prices

Cost advantage in the field of Health and dental services is one of the important parameters that have made Turkey the reason of choice for many years. Getting quality dental services at affordable prices, especially compared to Europe, plays an important role in our patients ‘ preference for TDs.

Well organized

After planning your treatment, all steps in the treatment process will be organized in detail with TDS. To avoid any failures in this process, our organizational team consists of an expert and experienced staff.


We know the importance of communication. Our experts in different foreign languages will accompany you during the treatment process while you are our misarif. In this way, your treatment process will be followed according to plan, while communication problems will be prevented.

Inland transfer

Transfers are made between the hotel, airport, and clinic to ensure the satisfaction of our patients during the treatment period. Besides, support is provided for transportation to central locations.


In our treatment planning, flexibility is provided, especially in scheduling progressive treatments and determining appointment times. If you want, make your holiday plans. Just contact us for treatment. We have the capacity and staff to adapt to you in terms of planning and timing.

Holiday Planning

Don’t you want to have a great holiday while getting quality dental treatment? As part of this plan, we can give you an unforgettable holiday. Our contracted luxury hotels and expert guides who successfully identify holiday locations are ready to serve you.

Amazing Nature and Golden Beaches

Aegean and Mediterranean coasts with unique beaches for summer holidays have been the focus of attention of holiday lovers for many years. Turkey, which owns world-famous beaches such as Iztuzu and Patara, is also a tourist destination with its natural wonders. “Pamukkale” and “Cappadocia”, located at the top of the UNESCO World Heritage List, are natural formations that you must visit.

Historical Places

The Anatolian peninsula, which has a deep-rooted historical history, has entrusted important cultural heritage to the whole world. Because it is also close to holiday zones and beaches, it attracts the attention of tourists who prefer Turkey for their holidays. Historical ancient cities such as Ephesus, Andros, and Xanthos shed light on human history, while The Hague Sophia and Topkapi Palace are shown by the authorities as important examples of the world in which history and art are integrated.